What’s On Your Plate This Month?

March AstroLAWger Blog Entry

  • Have any sensitive negotiations or important strategic planning? See Mercury Conjunct Jupiter on March 4, Venus Conjunct Neptune on the 13th, and Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn on 3/21/21. Use caution on the 10th (see Sun Conjunct Neptune).
  • Starting a business? Look at the entries on 3/4/21 (Mercury Conjunct Jupiter), 3/18/21 (Venus In Pisces Sextile Pluto), 3/20/21 (Sun Enters Aries), 3/21/21 (Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn and Mercury In Pisces Sextile Uranus) and 3/29/21 (Venus In Taurus Trines Jupiter).
  • Filing a lawsuit? Check out Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn on 3/21/21.
  • Dealing with regulators or authorities about sensitive matters? See Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn on 3/21/21.  Use caution on the 10th (Sun Conjunct Neptune).
  • Need help or advice from an expert or senior advisor? See Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn on 3/21/21 and the entry on 3/31/21 (Sun in Aries Sextile Saturn). Use caution on the 10th (see Sun Conjunct Neptune).


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  • Proposing a radical new plan to someone? Look at March 16 (Sun In Pisces Sextile Pluto), and see Mars In Gemini Trine Saturn on 3/21/21.
  • Need to strengthen bonds or develop a new relationship-dimension with someone key to your career, finances, money or business? See Venus in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn on the 18th.
  • Want to impress someone with your energy, optimism and confidence? Look at the entries on the Equinox (3/20/21) and 3/31/21 (Sun in Aries Sextile Saturn).
  • Have an employee, partner or personnel problem? Things may come to a head at the Libra Full Moon, but the astrology supports a positive outcome. See Full Moon in Libra (3/28/21).
  • Have marketing or advertising that’s focused on spirituality or metaphysics? See Mercury Conjunct Neptune (3/29/21).
  • Celebrating something? Check out the Venus Star Point on 3/26/21. Also consider the Spring Equinox (3/20/21), Be careful about excesses and overindulgences after the 21st (see Venus Enters Aries on 3/21/21), and avoid gatherings around the Libra Full Moon (3/28/21).


Note: before acting on the above, refer to the void-of-course moon periods! Don’t step into a sink-hole! There are twelve (12) days this month that have VOC periods during business hours.

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