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#OneTeam: Law - Capital - Strategy - Tax

Reimagining How Professional Services Are Delivered

​Exemplar was created to completely disrupt the professional services industry, with holistic guidance across tax, law, strategy and capital, and delivered with no hourly bill. The relationship with clients comes first, and genuine relationships don’t happen when billing clients by the hour.

As an integrated professional services firm, Exemplar provides guidance based on a holistic view of your business. Allowing you to focus on the right things at the right time and allowing us to create outcomes for our clients that competitors can’t. Other professional services firms are focused on one area, leaving you to rely on multiple advisors.

Our approach is based on the fundamental principle of relationships and the premise that caring changes the outcome. As society continues to change and our clients goals continue to evolve, our focus is about much more than professional services. It’s about building community. The clients we serve benefit from the communities we have fostered over the last 15 years, and will continue to build in the future. We believe if we do things together, we can get anywhere.

Why Exemplar is the industry disrupter?

Exemplar is a holistic professional services firm focused on relationships and providing holistic guidance across tax, strategy, law and capital. #OneTeam that actually talks and collaborates with each other! 

Driven by Values





Exemplar Values a Quadruple Bottom Line: Environmental, Social, Financial, Spiritual. Our quadruple bottom line manifests in who we serve: revolutionaries, impact business and game-changers. We do well by choosing to serve the people that do good. It’s not just about business, but it is a lifestyle for the Exemplar team. Our professionals spend their time and energy lifting up impact businesses that value the same bottom line.

Values are imperative to hiring the Exemplar team. We don’t just look for a skillset, we look for talent that shares our vision, values and a skillset. Aligned values are imperative to joining our team.

Why Exemplar is the industry disrupter?

Exemplar Companies is proud to be a Benefit Corporation.

Inspired to Create a Better Experience

Exemplar was created with the idea of delivering a better professional services experience. An experience that focuses on the relationship, not an hourly bill. Exemplar was founded in 2005 by CEO, Christopher Marston, as the first law firm in American history to offer a fixed and value based pricing model with no hourly bill and no time sheets.

Christopher’s experience with professional services firms, both as a practicing attorney and a client as CFO of a technology company, inspired him to start Exemplar. He noticed a gap in how services were delivered. Small businesses were required to pay painfully high bills to numerous organizations to cover their basic needs, and all driven from an hourly rate. The hired service firms did not collaborate or even talk with each other, resulting in an incomplete view of the business and guidance that was delivered in a silo. And Exemplar was born.

From a law firm, Exemplar evolved into a holistic professional services firm focused on relationships and providing guidance across service areas, without silos or an hourly bill.

Today, Exemplar serves over 1,400 clients across nine offices nationwide and continues to look for new ways to add more value to clients.

Why Exemplar is the industry disrupter?

Exemplar Law is the FIRST law firm in America History to completely abandon hourly billing and offer a fixed value-based pricing model. Exemplar Tax & Accounting also abandoned hourly billing since day one.

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